While FPHA was formed in 2011 our story starts in 2013 when we took on the management of 148 homes for vulnerable adults in Liverpool. We did this to keep them in their homes as their tenancies were under threat.

Over the next 2 years FPHA continued to grow and, by May 2015, had 573 bed spaces in management using a network of 4 managing agent partners.

The number of homes under management grew to 1078 by January 2018 when FPHA received Regulatory Judgement regarding both its financial viability and governance.

For the first 6 months of 2018 we worked to restructure the portfolio and finances of FPHA to establish a more stable and sound financial footing. As part of this restructuring we reduced the number of homes under management.

We now operate with a single managing agent to enable us to benefit from the support of a larger organisation.

We now manage 408 homes across 44 local authorities with support provided to our tenants by over 20 partner organisations.

We carried out a governance review and developed a plan of action, our “Pathway to Compliance”, to establish a robust governance framework.

As part of this action plan we successfully recruited a new non-executive board in the first quarter of 2019, following an open recruitment process, to lead FPHA in the next phase of its journey.

We have successfully implemented over 85% of the plan and are working hard to ensure the changes are fully embedded in FPHA’s governance framework.