Our first priority is to enhance the individual lives of vulnerable people through decent homes and thoughtful and caring support. 

We were formed in 2011 and our first living spaces were in Liverpool. Since then we have grown and now provide high quality supported living for vulnerable adults across the UK. We support people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and physical disabilities.

We work openly and honestly with more than 40 local authority partners to provide more than 400 living spaces. We continue to grow the organisation in a balanced and responsible manner to create a sustainable future based on good governance and strong financials.

We aim to be caring, honest, accountable and trustworthy in everything we do. 

How we operate

We lease our properties from a range of different providers so we can provide long term homes to vulnerable adults. Care packages for our tenants are agreed with the local authority and delivered to meet their individual needs through specialist care provider partners. We support our tenants with claiming housing benefits. All our living spaces are supported by a single, specialist facilities and building management company who provide a round the clock helpdesk.