Delivering for our tenants and partners

Our approach to service delivery is driven by our values to be a Caring, Honest, Accountable and Trustworthy organisation, working with our partners. The delivery of our services will reflect the individual needs of each of our tenants.

It is here, that you can see how we are getting on by reading our performance reports or looking at our dashboards. We also have a link to our Tenant Satisfaction Measure results that we undertake as a registered provider for the Regulator of Social Housing. 

Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives set out what we want to achieve as an organisation. Our performance reporting measures how well we are doing against those and how much progress is being made. 

This is where we measure our repairs performance, including how long repairs are taking and how satisfied tenants are with the service. 

All our statutory health and safety reporting is included within this. Statutory health and safety covers gas, fire, legionella, asbestos, electricity, damp and mould.

Tenant feedback is important to us. We are always seeking to improve our services by listening to tenants. Where possible, we also involve them in the decision making process. 

Tenant satisfaction surveys are carried out regularly. 

Our housing management service is designed to provide support to tenants to enable them to sustain their tenancies. 

This is intensive housing management tailored to meet the tenant’s needs, working alongside our Support Provider Partners who deliver the day-to-day care and support requirements.

We are regulated to ensure that we are a financially sustainable organisation, that can provide ongoing services and homes to tenants. 

Monitoring the value for money we provide is important for tenants to see where their rent is spent, but also for other strategic partners we work with in delivering our homes. 

How do we measure performance?

We work with our managing agent to monitor a suite of key performance indicators that tell us how well our services are working for tenants and partners.

These are important areas for tenants and partners like repairs, housing management, health and safety and ensuring we provide services that are value for money. 

We will share our performance results once every 3 months.

As a registered provider with the Regulator of Social Housing, we complete Tenant Satisfaction Measure surveys with tenants at least once every two years. 

These surveys ask tenants how they feel about our services. 

We are required to publish the results following each collection.

We are always keen to hear feedback from our tenants and partners. We want to know what they all think of our services and if we are doing a good job. 

We survey all tenants and partners throughout the year to see what they think.

This includes an Annual Complaints and Service Improvement Report submitted to the Housing Ombudsman.

Read the statement from our Board on our compliance with the Code.